This conference includes a registration fee. The fees are as follow:


Public                               : 200.000 IDR
Foreigner                         : 40 USD
Internal ISI Yogyakarta    : 100.000 IDR

Passsive :

Public                               : 100.000 IDR
Foreigner                         : 20 USD
Internal ISI Yogyakarta    : 50.000 IDR

The Indonesian participants have to send payment through the bank account. The schedule arrangement will be based on the complete registration, including the bank payment. Please send your payment through this bank account:

Eli Irawati, BNI 46, Rek. No. 0194405878

organizers will provide the Proceeding, seminar kits, certificates, coffee breaks and lunch for the two-day conference.

The participants are required to pay their own transport and accommodation of any mobilization they make during their stay at Yogyakarta. Yogyakarta is one of the cheapest cities in Indonesia and you could easily find cheap and delicious food as well as the cheap hotels and accommodation for your stay here.

For more detail information please contact:

Dona Hapsari   : +628122763884
Anon Suneko   : +6282227270253
Telp / Fax         : +62 274 9191538, 375380 / (Fax) +62 274 384108
Email                :,
Website            :